Our Story


Who we are

We call ourselves Eggette Lab because we strive to invent new flavours from time to time. Bringing surprises and excitement to you is our science. These are some of our limited edition flavour eggette, on top of our baseline offerings.

Eggette Mission

To be customer first-thought favourite snack brand – by serving the best value money highest quality product.

Eggette Vision

To establish Eggette Lab become international leading snack brand with profitable growth.


What is

Eggette ?

Eggette also know as “Gei Dan Jai” is a spherical egg-based waffle traditional snack origin from Hong Kong. Eggette is among the most popular Hong Kong street snacks since its emergence in the 1950s and were ranked No.1 in a 100 most popular Hong Kong street snack listing.

History of

Eggette ?

Eggette was created during the 1950s, post war period. To prevent the wastage of broken eggs, the Hong Kong sundry shop owners mixed the eggs with flour and butter then baked them into eggette which has turned out become a favourite snack among Hong Kong residents since.